Your Complete Guide to perfect Wedding Invitations

When it comes to wedding planning, there are a lot of things to consider. From choosing the perfect venue to finding the perfect dress, planning the perfect honeymoon, and sending out invitations, it can all be overwhelming. However, wedding invitations play a critical role in setting the tone for the big day and giving guests a preview of what’s to come.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about wedding invitations, including what to include, how to write them, how to address them, when to send them, and much more. Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding or a modern ceremony, this guide will provide you with everything you need to create the perfect wedding invitations for your big day.

What to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

While beautiful design is important, your wedding invitations are there to serve a purpose – to share essential information about your wedding with your guests. How much detail you include is up to you, but there are certain facts you must include to ensure that your guests are fully informed and arrive on time. Here are the essential details to include:

  1. You’re invited
    Let your guests know that you’re getting married with invitation wording that suits the vibe of your invitation and your wedding that’s to follow. Traditional wedding ceremonies require more formal wording, while modern weddings can be introduced with a fun, casual tone.
  2. The happy couple’s names
    Include the names of you and your partner so that guests know whose wedding they’re attending. Traditionally, the bride’s name comes before the groom’s, but nowadays, or for same-sex weddings, names can be arranged alphabetically or in whichever order looks or sounds best.
  3. Where to Find Us: Venue and Location Details
    Include the name of your wedding venue and an additional evening venue (if applicable). You don’t have to state the full address if you’d prefer to keep text minimal as possible, but you do need to share the name of the venue and the city/country it’s in so guests can look up its exact location.
  4. The date and time – Let guests know when your big day will take place and what time they should arrive. For destination weddings, be clear about how many days the celebrations will go on for if you’re inviting guests to attend more than one day.
  5. Let’s Celebrate: Reception Information
    If your evening reception will take place at a different venue, state this on the invitation and let guests know whether transportation will be provided or if they’ll be expected to make their own way there. And if you’re inviting someone to the evening celebrations only, make sure this is clear on the invitation.
  6. Kindly Respond: RSVP Details
    Don’t forget to include info on how to RSVP at the bottom of your invitation, or you can also do this on your info card. Give a 4-week cut off so you can update caterers or your venue with final numbers.

Our Guide to writing Wedding Invitations
After selecting the essential information, it’s time to consider formatting your invitations. Use the Paper + Press’s online editor to play around with different fonts, sizes, colours, and layouts to get the desired look. In case of an information overload, consider using an info card to provide additional directions, gift lists, and dietary requirements.

Inner and Outer Envelopes
For the envelope, always include the full name and address of the guest(s). However, addressing the envelope can be confusing, particularly if you are inviting single guests with plus ones or unmarried couples. The UK’s wedding envelope etiquette guidelines cover each guest’s address. If you choose to protect the wedding invitation and envelope with an outer envelope, put the full name and address of the guest(s) on the outer envelope and only the first name, last name, and initials on the inner envelope to keep it more personalised.

Options for addressing recipients and return addresses
To keep your beautifully addressed envelopes in one piece, Paper + Press offers envelope addressing services. You can upload your guest addresses for  the front of each envelope and add a return address, the wedding date, or initials to the back, it’s totally up to you.

When should you send wedding invitations?
It’s best to send wedding invitations two to three months before the wedding. In case of destination weddings that require guests to travel further, giving three to four months’ notice is polite. To avoid unnecessary stress, order wedding invitations as early as possible. The wedding invitations come in quantities of 10, and you can order up to 1000 invitations at a time.

The wedding invitations come in two different sizes, with an envelope that fits. Additionally, the sets include optional matching info cards, RSVP cards, and pre-addressed RSVP envelopes. You can preview the costs of our Wedding Invitations for different quantities and finishes by using the pricing drop downs on any wedding invitation product page.

Regarding addressing invitations with a plus one, include the plus one’s name on the primary invitation only if you are sure of their name; otherwise, include “Guest” after the guest’s name. If you are using only one envelope, it is best to address the guest’s name and address in the centre of the envelope with the return address on the back flap. Finally, proofread the final design before sending it off to print, and ask someone you trust to do the same.

Wedding Invitations – Frequently Asked Questions

When should I place my order for wedding invitations?

It is recommended to order wedding invitations at the earliest convenience to avoid unnecessary stress. Finding inspiration, browsing designs, and finalising wording can take time, so starting the process as soon as possible is advised. It is also suggested to have a trusted friend or family member to help you check your final design before sending it to print.

How many wedding invitations should I order?

Paper + Press offers wedding invitations in multiples of 20, and up to 1000 invitations can be ordered at once. It is recommended to order a few extra invitations as well.

What sizes are available for wedding invitations?

The following sizes are available for invitations, along with an appropriately-sized envelope:

  • Portrait: 127.0mm (w) x 177.8mm (h)
  • Landscape: 177.8mm x 127.0mm

Within the Wedding Invitation Sets, the additional, optional items come in the following sizes:

  • Portrait info card: 105mm (w) x 148mm (h)
  • Portrait RSVP card: 105mm (w) x 148mm (h) with RSVP envelope to fit.
  • Landscape RSVP card: 148mm (w) x 105mm (h) with RSVP envelope to fit.

What is included in a wedding invitation set?

The wedding invitation sets come with optional matching info cards, RSVP cards, and pre-addressed RSVP envelopes. The items can be added or removed depending on the needs.

How much do wedding invitations cost?

The cost of wedding invitations start at £120.00 for a set of 40. For a more premium look and feel, double thick paper can be upgraded for £150.00. The luxurious gold foiled collection starts from £320.00 for 40 invitations. Different quantities and finishes can be previewed using the pricing drop downs on any of the wedding invitation product pages.

How do I address wedding invitations with a plus one?

If the name of the guest’s plus one is known, it can be included on the main invitation, while the envelope is addressed to the primary guest. For example, ‘Mr. Max Simmons & Guest’. In cases where the plus one’s name is unknown, ‘Max and guest’ can be written on the invitation.

How do I address wedding invitations with one envelope?

If one envelope is being used instead of an inner and outer envelope, the guest(s)’ full name and address should be written on the front of the envelope. The reverse side can include the return address, the date of the wedding, or a monogram.

Save the date vs. wedding invitations – what is the difference?

Save the dates are used to share the news, day, and location of the wedding, allowing guests to note the date in their diaries well in advance. Save the dates should be sent out 6-8 months before the wedding and 9-12 months before the wedding if it is happening abroad. If you are not planning to send save the dates to close family or members of your wedding party who are already aware of the date, you can simply send them an invitation.

When should destination wedding invitations be sent?

After receiving the save the date 9-12 months before the wedding, guests are likely to have started looking for accommodation and travel options. It is recommended to send invitations 3-4 months in advance to give them enough time to firm up plans and bookings.

Do envelopes come with the wedding invitations?

Yes, basic envelopes are included with the products. Custom options can be chosen, and recipient and return addressing can be added for an additional cost.

Do you offer envelope addressing?

Recipient and return addressing is available. Please select this service from our product page and we’ll take it from there.

Are Envelopes Included in the Price?

Yes, all of our products come with our standard Paper + Press envelopes at no additional cost. However, you have the option to upgrade to custom colour envelopes and/or add recipient and return addressing for a additional fee. To learn more about our envelope addressing options, please visit our envelope addressing information page.

Do You Offer Envelope Addressing?

We offer recipient and return addressing for our envelopes. After designing your invitation and any additional items in your invitation set, you will be prompted to add envelope addressing.

What’s the Difference Between Single Thickness and Double Thickness Paper?

Our wedding invitations come in standard single-thickness paper, which has a weight of 350gsm (grams per square metre) and a soft textured appearance and feel. You can also choose to upgrade to double-thickness paper for an additional cost, which has a weight of 700gsm and a more luxurious feel.

How Are Your Gold Foiling Products Made?

We offer gold, rose gold, hologram, copper and silver foiling for our products. Our designs are created using hot-foil printing, a traditional method that combines the skills of artisans with a heavy pressing machine. Real foil details are pressed into our paper, creating a metallic impression. To learn more about this crafting technique, please visit our page on the topic.

Will My Photo Invitation/Card Print Well?

If you choose a wedding photo card or invitation, please use a high-resolution photograph for the best print quality. If the photo resolution is too low, you will receive a warning message from one of customer service team members. The best way to ensure you are satisfied with the print quality is to order a sample from the product page. More information is available there.

Can I Order Samples?

Yes, we offer several ways to sample our wedding collections, including free unpersonalised samples and personalised samples for an additional charge. More information on our sample options is available on our website.

How Will the Wedding Stationery Be Delivered?

We package all of our products by hand with protective wrapping/ packaging to ensure your Paper + Press post arrives in perfect condition.

What Happens if I Need More Invitations?

If you need to reorder invitations, you can access your previous designs in the “Orders” section of your account. Click “Create Again” to reload the item(s), make any necessary changes, and proceed to checkout.

How Do You Create Evening Invitations?

To create an evening version of your daytime wedding invitation, go to your “Saved Designs” in your account and select the duplicate button on the design you want to edit. You can then remove any daytime details and add information about your evening reception.

How Long Will it Take Between Ordering My Wedding Invitations and Receiving Delivery?

As soon as we have your order and personalisations we can get to work and your designed piece(s) will be returned back to you for approval or amends in 2-4 days. Our printing production timeframes vary from Digital printing: 5-6 business days + shipping and Letterpress or foil printing: 14-15 business days + shipping.

Delivery options are available as follows:

  • Standard Tracked DPD Delivery: Please see basket or checkout page for delivery costings, this particular service is delivered within 1-3 working days after dispatch, excluding Saturdays)
  • Express Tracked DPD Delivery: Please see basket or checkout page for delivery costings, this particular service is delivered on the next weekday after dispatch, including Saturdays)

Can I Choose the Font for My Wedding Stationery Text?

We offer a done for you type of service and can advise you on personalisation options, generally Our collections have been designed with specific fonts in mind and so cannot be altered, however we have multiple options to choose from.

Can I Choose the Colour of the Envelopes?

If you would like to add some colour to your envelopes, you can upgrade to one of our custom colour envelope options.

Do You Offer a Design Service?

Yes, all of our wedding stationery is designed and printed for you by experts, if you had any questions relating to design or personalisations we are available to provide assistance. We are happy to offer ideas and inspiration, and we can advise you on personalisation options. Contact us via email at, message us on our live chat, or call our team at +44(0)7515 718936.

Got Another Question?

Feel free to contact us anytime! Our team of wedding experts will respond within 12-24 hours Monday to Friday. You can also reach us via email or live chat, or by calling +44(0)7515 718936. We’re always delighted to assist you!