Ultimate guide to engagement party invitation wording

Congratulations on your recent engagement! After taking some time to bask in your romantic news and spend quality time with your fiancé/fiancée, it’s time to think about how you’d like to celebrate this special moment with your loved ones. Whether you prefer a grand affair or a more intimate gathering, an engagement party is an excellent opportunity to introduce both sides of the family and various friend groups. It also provides a chance to fine-tune your event planning skills before the big day.

There are numerous ways to celebrate your engagement, ranging from a Sunday brunch to a black-tie event, a BBQ in the garden, cocktails and canapés at your favourite restaurant, or a home-cooked meal with your nearest and dearest. When selecting your invitation, make sure it reflects the event’s formality, theme, and time of year.

What to Include in Your Engagement Party Invitations: A Guide

When creating your Paper + Press engagement party invitations, you have the freedom to make them your own. However, there are essential details you must include to ensure your guests are informed. Unlike wedding invitations, engagement party invitations are less complicated. Here are the essential details you should include:

  1. The Engaged Couple’s Names
    Let your guests know whose joyous news they’ll be celebrating.

  2. Essential Details – Date and Time of the party
    It’s crucial to indicate the date and time of your party, so your guests can plan accordingly. Some couples may also specify the party’s end time, particularly if the venue has a time limit.
  3. Location Details
    Share the name and location of the venue, so your guests can easily find it. If your venue is challenging to locate, it’s advisable to provide specific directions to avoid confusion.
  4. RSVP – Details to Include
    Include your email, address, or phone number, depending on your preferred mode of communication. We recommend asking your guests to RSVP at least two to three weeks before the party.

By including these crucial details, your Paper + Press engagement party invitations will ensure that your guests are fully informed and ready to celebrate with you.

Optional Information 

While your Paper + Press engagement party invitations should include essential information, you may also want to consider including optional details. Here are some additional details you might like to feature:

Host(s) Information 
For a more formal approach, some couples indicate if their parents are hosting the party, similar to a wedding invitation. Alternatively, you can call yourselves out as the hosts, or your friends may be throwing the party in your honour.

Guidelines to help your guests slay the day – A.K.A dress code!
Let your guests know if there is a specific dress code for your party, such as smart casual, cocktail attire, or even fancy dress. If there’s no dress code, it’s best to omit this detail.

Dietary Requirements 
If your event includes food, it’s courteous to ask your guests if they have any special dietary requirements.

Remember, it’s essential to keep your invitation easy to read and not overcrowded. We can adjust the letter and paragraph spacing if you’re planning to include extra information to maintain an elegant and readable presentation and can advise you on this. By including these optional details, you can help your guests feel more comfortable and excited to attend your engagement party.

When determining the invitation’s tone, ensure it complements your event style and invitation design. For instance, a formal dinner party with an Art Deco invitation may require a more polished and traditional tone, whereas a garden party with a playful and floral design could call for a relaxed wording.

Overall, your Paper + Press engagement party invitation should showcase your personalities and reflect the joy of the upcoming wedding adventure. Enjoy the planning process and have a fantastic celebration with your loved ones!